Rough Skeletons is made up of two parts. Owen Marchildon on guitar, vocals, lyrics and nightmares. Paul Shepherd on guitar, keyboards, loops, soundscapes, drones, lyrics and heavy dreams. Shepherd was known to do a lot of whispering in Marchildon’s ears prior to conception. “SHHHHHHHHH! Don’t invite anyone else to create. We are sitting on dynamite. This one is totally you and me baby!.”


Rough Skeletons is an endless canvas of open tunings in the key of E and D. They decidedly challenge the balance between jarring lyrical expression and the gradual elucidation of storytelling in hopes to eradicate all dull lyricalness, concentrating only on the notion that no subject is ever dull. Rough Skeletons have released two full length albums (Rough Skeletons 2007, Experimental Redneck 2009.) They are currently working on a third instalment to their repertoire entitled, Currently Chihuahua. Release date is currently unknown.

Released 21 October 2007 - "We're all just looking for words and wondering how."

Rough Skeletons are Owen Marchildon (guitar, vocals, harmonica, hot knives) and Paul Shepherd (guitar, saw, glock, soundscapes). The Rough Skeletons formed in Toronto on February 17th 2007. Rehearsals took place in Shepherds apartment by-weekly for the next three months. The songs came very quickly. When springtime hit, the Skeletons had enough material to record an album. The record was recorded over a July weekend in Paul's bedroom with only a mattress dividing them. The Skeletons recorded to a quarter inch tape machine live off the floor. 


"If you really want to blow people's minds, forget noise-try extreme cognitive dissonance. The pastoral, spacey folk peddled by Owen Marchildon (the now defunct From Fiction, Purple Hill) and Paul Shepherd (Stoner Dad, also Purple Hill) is drenched in reverb, with Marchildon's dry, laconic Lou Reed-esque vocals cutting through the meditative drones and aural fog" 
- EYE WEEKLY OCT 18, 2007 

"Ever feel a little overwhelmed? There's a ton of shows going on and you've got this friend telling you to check out this awesome band and that friend telling you to checkout that awesome band. You've heard this album is good and that E.P. is amazing and these songs will blow your mind, and after awhile you can't help but feel like you don't even know what's worth your attention. Well, let me help to clarify things a bit for you: Rough Skeletons is something you should see. Listen to the MySpace tracks, even just one, and you'll be sold." 


Owen Marchildon: guitar, harmonica, vocals, hot knives 
Paul Shepherd: guitar, saw, glock, drum machine, soundscapes 

Recorded by Ryan Gassi 
Mixed by Paul Shepherd 

All songs written by Owen Marchildon and Paul Shepherd.