Marchildon! is the solo side project of Purple Hill main man, Owen Marchildon. With this solo venture, Marchildon! closely weaves elements of Dream Pop and Twang - sounds reminiscent of playful images remembered faintly upon wakening. Whether or not this is the appropriate characterization of the music remains to the ear of the beholder. What does come through though, is the quaint and often quizzical sense of humour that embodies the lyrics, compositions, and subject matter of what is Marchildon!. 


Marchildon! released a new seven song album, entitled NightScreamer, on April 28th, 2016.

Released 16 September 2010 - "Squall no it won't stop me, from getting a refund."

This album was recorded in between July and November of 2009 at Lennox St. Studios in Toronto which is essentially Adam Barnes' basement. This recording session was a lot of fun. Like an exclamation mark!


Jordan Bruce: drums, percussion 
Quentin Ede: bass 
Owen Marchildon!: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals 

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Barnes 
Produced by Marchildon! and Adam Barnes 
Mastered by Daryl Neudorf 
Photographs taken by Rob and Bonnie Marchildon! circa 78-80 
Album design by Kaitlin Marchildon! 
Adam Barnes plays keyboards on tracks 7 and 8. Acoustic and electric guitars on track 9. 

All songs written by Owen Marchildon!