Rough Skeletons is made up of two parts. Owen Marchildon on guitar, vocals, lyrics and nightmares. Paul Shepherd on guitar, keyboards, loops, soundscapes, drones, lyrics and heavy dreams. Shepherd was known to do a lot of whispering in Marchildon’s ears prior to conception. “SHHHHHHHHH! Don’t invite anyone else to create. We are sitting on dynamite. This one is totally you and me baby!.”


Rough Skeletons is an endless canvas of open tunings in the key of E and D. They decidedly challenge the balance between jarring lyrical expression and the gradual elucidation of storytelling in hopes to eradicate all dull lyricalness, concentrating only on the notion that no subject is ever dull. Rough Skeletons have released two full length albums (Rough Skeletons 2007, Experimental Redneck 2009.) They are currently working on a third instalment to their repertoire entitled, Currently Chihuahua. Release date is currently unknown.

Released 30 July 2009 - "Tomorrow never knows which way it's gonna go."

Experimental Redneck was written and recorded in Paul's kitchen and studio garage from January 2008 to March 2009. A minimal amount of hot knives were consumed.


"Rough Skeletons describe their sound as "not giving a fuck but caring so much." The rough-hewn songs collected on Experimental Redneck are deliberately unfocused but filled with passion, proving that Marchildon and Shepherd are Toronto's real Venus in furs." 
- EYE Weekly 4/5 

"The songs range from percolating beats gussied up by rolling surf guitar, a loose L.A. early punk vibe, shaky early 60's rock vocals to ethereal meandering folk spiked with industrial experimentalism and everything in between. It's a spooky, velvety tapestry that's as appealing as bleakness can get." 
- VUE Weekly 

"Singer Songwriter Owen Marchildon and guitarist/sound effects wizard Paul Shepherd has evolved into something more focused and satisfying than what we heard on their maddeningly schizoid, but fun, debut. The duo's second release offers up 11 finely crafted works of wondrous dream pop, re-imagined Loaded era Velvet Underground and Dylan inspired folk. Marchildon is a wonderfully weird storyteller, his most powerful attribute is his passionate versatile voice, conjuring both Lou Reed on the excellent garage rocker "Dreamstate To The Streets" and early 70's lonesome country of "That Beautiful Light". But his constantly shifting falsetto also adds melancholic textures to the LP's many psychedelic folk jaunts, in paticular the haunting, "Taking a Knife". 
- Soundproof Magazine 4/5 


Owen Marchildon: vocals, guitar, harmonica 
Paul Shepherd: sounds, vocals, drums 

Some songs recorded to tape by Paul Shepherd 
Some songs recorded by General Leon Taheny not to tape 
Mixed by Paul Shepherd 
Produced by Rough Skeletons 

All songs written by Owen Marchildon and Paul Shepherd.