Released 18 March 2011 - "Sometimes boredom can make great power out of nothing."

This album was recorded at Owen's parents house at 3 Beechnut St. Orangeville Ontario, on Purple Hill, from February 26 to March 5 2010. The vocals, rhythm guitar, some of Owen's leads, Jordan's drums and Quentin's bass were all tracked live off the floor. 
The "Leave No Prints Behind E.P" was part of the same recording session as "Bring on the Macho." Owen's parents ended up selling the house on Purple Hill 6 months later so this ended up being the last session in the house Owen grew up in. Owen is still trying to convince his mother Bonnie to let him record in the new house which is located in the old part of Orangeville. It's a century home with really high ceilings. Come on Bonnie! We promise not to scratch the stove top next time around! 


"At the end of the day, this is a guitar led pop punk record with heart and a head that will leave you with a grin on your face- and how many records do we get to review like that at Americana U.K.?" 
- AMERICANA U.K. REVIEW 8 out of 10 

"The first two tracks of "That Northern Light", and "All He Ever Wanted Was To Be A Man" gave me chills as the vocals, arrangement and lyrics reminded me of early Dire Straits." 

"The Toronto based band stands out for many reasons-the Lou Reed-esque vocals of lead singer Owen Marchildon, clever lyrics that make you stop and chuckle to yourself, their catchy musical marriage of spacey psychedelic -meets-country twang, and helpful advice (no, really- their song "Share Properly" is all about applying lessons from kindergarten to your relationship)." 


Jordan Bruce: drums, keyboards 
Quentin Ede: bass, back up vocals, keyboards 
Brent Hough: guitars, keyboards 
Owen Marchildon: guitars, vocals 

Recorded by Jordan Bruce and Jaime Carter 
Produced by Purple Hill 
Mixed by Jordan Bruce 
Mastered by Harris Newman 
Photos by Alani Caruso-Fittever 
Layout by Kaitlin Marchildon 

All songs written by Owen Marchildon and Purple Hill.